Guide to Getting an MSN Degree to Advance Your Nursing Career.

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Jobs With an MSN Degree

A master of science in nursing is a two- to three-year post-graduate program that encompasses advanced knowledge and skills on the scientific basis of nursing. Bachelor degree holders in nursing can opt for such continuing education program since it can be a stepping stone to a doctorate degree in nursing. Moreover, an MSN degree opens to a plethora of job opportunities and chances to increase one’s salary. After successful completion of an MSN degree, nurses can specialize in certain fields in nursing, thereby fostering professional growth, as well as personal fulfilment. What can you do with an MSN degree?

Jobs with an MSN Degree

  • Nurse practitioner – A nurse practitioner is a general nurse specialist that functions independently as a medical practitioner. Such job allows for more independent practice for a nurse, including prescribing medications and giving medical diagnoses. NPs are highly in demand in the health care field nowadays in response to the need of more practitioners to tend to the needs of the aging population.
  • Clinical nurse specialist – Clinical job opportunities are at its highest point recently due to the advancement of technology that allows health care delivery to be implemented in out-patient clinics rather than the traditional hospital setting.
  • Nurse educator – Having an MSN degree gives more credentials to clinical instructors or nurse educators. This enables such professionals to qualify for higher-level job positions, even to the point of being a college dean.
  • Nurse administrator/nurse executive – A specialization in this area allows for better opportunities to qualify for nursing managerial positions at the executive level. This can also be a good choice for nurses seeking a governmental job and other related areas.
  • Geriatric nurse – Geriatric nurses are those who focus their care on the elderly population. Due to the increase number of patient load in nursing homes and the like, such job opportunities give just and generous compensation for nurses.
  • Paediatric nurse – For those who has a passion for children, paediatric nursing is the right choice for you. This area focuses on advanced child-care techniques and understanding on paediatric diseases.
  • Nurse-midwife – Nurse-midwives are trained professionals that function as health-care providers for obstetric and gynaecologic patients. They also function as nurse practitioners, focusing their care on the aforementioned areas. They also give care for neonates and paediatric patients.
  • Nurse anaesthetist – Nurse anaesthetists are part of the surgical team that is responsible for administering anaesthetic agents during perioperative procedures in tandem with a medical anaesthetist. Such jobs are highly in demand now as such with OR nurses.
  • Nursing informatics – This is a new branch in nursing that focuses on technologies governing the nursing and medical field. With the increased popularity of ICD-10 encoding and other modern devices, the need for medical professionals with a keen knowledge on technology is much in demand nowadays.

There are yet still more jobs available for nurses with an MSN degree. Such degree promises job and financial stability, as well as career growth and personal fulfilment.