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Top 10 Schools That Offer an MSN Degree

In this article, we have outlined the top ten colleges offering an MSN degree. These schools are ranked by Campus Explorer, Inc. based on a combination of program or major graduation data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and the popularity of a school on their website.

  1. University of Phoenix – Being the largest private university in North America, University of Phoenix offers an unparalleled MSN program that caters online classes aside from the traditional classroom-based curriculum. They boast for flexibility, reaching out to students who have other time commitments.
  2. Excelsior College – This college provides one of the best distance-learning program across the United States. Located in Albany, New York, Excelsior College is a home for out-of-state students and students who are interested in MSN bridge programs.
  3. Chamberlain College of Nursing – This college has over five campuses spread it in the states of Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, and Ohio. It is among the many schools owned by DevRy Inc., one of the most reputable educational systems in the United States. Aside from their MSN program, they also cater graduate and diploma degrees in nursing.
  4. Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion – IWU is one of the largest private universities in the state of Indiana. Their MSN program, as well as with other programs they offer, are rooted in Christian foundations, making it unique among others.
  5. Grand Canyon University – Based in Phoenix, Arizona, GCU offers a respectable MSN program. They also cater an online MSN program, reaching out to out-of-state students. Being a Christian school, GCU’s programs are grounded on the teachings of Christ.
  6. Regis University – This is a Jesuit-based university located in Denver, Colorado. Regis University offers a wide variety of programs, from arts and sciences to professional fields, such as an MSN program.
  7. Miami Dade College – Based in Miami, Florida, MDC boasts for its online MSN program and weekend classes that offers to reach out to untraditional students seeking a more flexible educational scheme.
  8. Drexel University – Drexel University is considered one of United States' oldest and most respected schools. They offer one of the best MSN programs across the country. They offer a unique cooperative education program, and is the only mandatory coop school in Pennsylvania.
  9. University of Oklahoma - Health Sciences Center – Being a school specializing in health and sciences-related courses, OUHSC offers high-quality MSN programs, diploma degrees, and graduate degrees in nursing.
  10. University of South Alabama – Found in Mobile, Alabama, this university not only offers a reputable MSN program, but also certificate and graduate programs in nursing as well.