Guide to Getting an MSN Degree to Advance Your Nursing Career.

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Information about MSN Degree Programs

Nursing is a very flexible profession. It does not have one single educational pathway to become a nurse, nor does it apply that once you graduate from one nursing degree, it is the end of your studies. In nursing, education can be continual, even to the highest degree of having a master of science in nursing. A master of science in nursing is a two- to three-year course that enables nurses to have more advanced and in-depth knowledge on the scientific and medical basis of nursing. It is also a stepping stone for a doctorate degree in nursing.

Proceeding to a master of science in nursing degree gives nurses a sharper edge among others. It can also serve as a supplement to the state’s continuing education requirement for maintenance of an RN license. What’s better is that the nursing academe is offering bride programs that enables nurses to finish a certain program in a shorter time than the usual. Bridge or accelerated MSN degree programs work by transferring credits from your previous nursing degree to your current program to lessen the time for completion.

RN to MSN Degree Programs

An RN to MSN degree is a bridge program designed for registered nurses to acquire a master of science degree in nursing. The program may last for two to three years or so, depending on the student’s qualification. Note that bachelor’s degree holders can finish earlier since the fundamental requirement to an MSN program is a BSN degree. Read more

BSN to MSN Degree Programs

The BSN to MSN degree program is the most basic bridge program available for nurses aiming for a post-graduate degree. The degree program may be completed in as short as one to two years, depending on the compliance with pre-requisite requirements. Read more

ADN to MSN Degree Programs

An ADN to MSN degree is a program tailored for associate nurses seeking a higher form of educational attainment. Note that there is no direct way to become an MSN holder from an associate’s degree. Interested associate nurses will need to undergo a one- to two-year AND to BSN degree program, then to a BSN to MSN program. Read more

ASN to MSN Degree Programs

For associate of science nurses, an ASN to MSN degree program is the best choice for you. Again, one must take an ASN to BSN bridge program, which lasts for about a year to complete, before one can proceed to a BSN to MSN program. Read more

MSN degree programs are helpful academic schemes for students who need to balance his employment and studies. This is especially true for nurses who are already working as RNs, associate nurses, and such, but are interested to proceed to further studies while working. Note that the length of the program varies depending on whether you are taking the program full-time or part-time.